The Mc’BunBun family of rabbits has stolen Granny Lala’s coins!  But have no fear!  Her faithful pup, Lucky, is ready for action.  Strap in to your balloon and take to the skies to combat the Mc’BunBuns.  Collect power ups along the way to help Lucky in his quest to bring back every last coin safe and sound.
-45 levels of AWESOME balloon busting, platformer, gameplay -Flying rabbits! -A furry and lovable puppy named Lucky -Intense air combat -Awesome powerups -GORGEOUS and EYE POPPING retina graphics -Adorable bunny voices -Amazing Soundtrack -Unique gameplay UNLIKE ANY OTHER GAME in the app store! -Free Updates -No annoying ads -NO ANNOYING IN APP PURCHASES!  One price, FULL game, free updates! -A game truly built with love for our gamers -Live, in-game, communication with US the developers so you can stay updated with what we are working on for the next Balloon Loons update, bug fixes, and gameplay tips. -Universal gameplay!
Up and coming updates include: -Improved AI and addition of difficulty settings -Complete 3D facelift!!! -New Levels -New Obstacles! -New Characters! -GAMECENTER MULTIPLAYER!!! -Multiplayer Maps -New Game Modes -New Mini Games
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BALLOON LOONS is a breath of fresh air to the App Store and we are sure you will love it!

            What’s New in Version 1.1

-Difficulty settings have been added to the options menu.  ****casual***  and ***insane*** modes are available! -Improved AI…rabbits lock on more accurately so WATCH OUT! -New Bunny Head Trophy for completing levels in INSANE mode -News feed scroll has been slowed down -Missing coins and rabbits in tutorial mode has been fixed -Minor bug fixes